I am going to try and give a few ideas as to how to construct two different projects using fiberglass. But before I start, there are a few safety tips I need to let you in on.

Fiberglass is a marvelous substance. But there are some misconceptions as to exactly what it is. Real fiberglass is better known as FRP. This is Fiber Reinforced Plastic. The cloth or material is made from an interwoven mixture of fine glass strands. The plastic is composed of a two part mixture of resin and hardener. Simply mix these two chemicals together and after a few minutes, you get a rock hard substance.

The actual glass fiber can be annoying, and can even be considered dangerous in some instances. Care should be taken when fiberglass matting is being handled. Wear rubber gloves, a dust mask and wash any work clothes properly after the project is finished. You might also want to have a shower yourself (not to say that you smell, but you get the point). The resin concoction you have come up with can also be dangerous. While it is hardening, it will get warm. If you use too much hardener, it will smoke, burn or even catch fire. I don't particularly want to inhale any of those fumes, and you shouldn't either. Speaking of which, the fumes created by the fiberglass are hard on your body. Work only in an open area with excellent ventilation. Indoors is NOT suggested. Headaches, watering eyes, coughing can occur. Get plenty of fresh air in there!!!

Fiberglass is also messy. Cover up anything you that you don't want damaged.. Use plastic sheets or newspaper, taped in place with masking tape. Don't get this stuff on painted surfaces, carpets or clothes. It'll be there for a long time.